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From town to Hyderabad NagaPrasad’s journey of life was not of roses but of thorns. Born to a lower middle class family in 1976 NagaPrasad traversed a troublesome path no one would have imagined. His life which started on a promising note had many ups and downs just as any common lad would have faced.

His family migrated to Karnataka seeking greener pastures after he was born. His schooling was quite smooth until he met with an accident in his 11th standard. His passion and hopes were dashed down after he was bedridden for the next two years. His eager dream to become a doctor was thwarted even move harder when he got involved in malpractice during his 12th exam which he wrote after a protracted recuperation period of two years.

Realizing that there is no short cut to success and substitute to hard work NagaPrasad embarked on an ambitious program to make big in life by joining BE (ECE) in Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, Karnataka. His tertiary education taught him to like what he got rather than repenting on what he missed.

His tryst with destiny was even so pathetic when he saw with his own eyes his mother being poisoned to death by his own father and his siblings, to his heavily weighed woes, he had to bribe the mortuary staff for Rs. 500 to see and cry over the dead body of his own mother. Even Justice betrayed him by closing down his mother’s death case as a suicide. Caught between emotions and rage to avenge his mother’s demise Naga Prasad’s ire turned towards the plotters of his mother’s death in form of physical and legal war. Had to experience a massive legal mess.

Unfortunately, his relatives pounced on him and inflicted serious injuries that resulted in the loss of sensation in the lower jaw and he had to undergo facial reconstruction surgery. After this, he deserted his family and lived on his own.

Rising above all these hurdles Naga Prasad set his sight on achieving great many laurels. In January 2001 he made a national record in making & flying 505 paper rockets in 60 minutes. Very soon in May 2002, he made a world record in Marathon typing for 35 hours & 45 minutes on a personal computer, had typed all the holy books i.e Quran, Bible & Bhagwadgita. His feeling of pain, distrust & failure were channelized in record-making endeavours.

Later in 2003, the sight of his father’s new wife and especially her innocent small children brought about a change of heart in him which made him forego violent & aggressive mindset. The lull in his academic life sprang up with great spirits when he cleared 53 engineering subjects in just two attempts (24+29) in 2003 a rare feat demonstrated by anyone in technical education across the nation.

Naga Prasad is not a content person who would stop short with little achievements. He was rearing to go ahead, inching further with achievements one after the other. His diverse interest made him amass knowledge with his voracious reading which transformed him into a personality with abundant positivity.

His diverse interest in shooting made him migrate to Hyderabad in 2004 where he enrolled himself in prestigious Indian Institute of Planning & Management for MBA in Marketing & Finance.

Yet another disaster in the form of an accident struck him like a bolt from the blue when he met with an accident in Pune that left him with permanent loss of sensation on his lower jaw. This accident was a deadly blow not only on his physique but on his mental frame of mind. He felt as if his dreams were shattered to dust. But nothing could cow down Naga Prasad. He resurrected from his debacles and started to fly high in life.

Achievements Galore

By December 2005 Naga Prasad had launched his official website www. NAGAPRASAD.com and soon after had written a book too. While he sought the help of an Minister’s son to get then Andhra Pradesh CM to relax the book he who rebutted to pay 1 Lac as bribe which he could never agree to as it was head-on against the principles he cherished. Even his sponsors deserted him and he was left on his own to bring out his book.

His first book “The Tale of Two Great Nations” was released in August 2006 by the Inspector General of Police Mr Sambasiva Rao. His book was well-thumbed by readers and critics alike for his story building and unique story narration style. This shot him to limelight and fame. Yet another feather in the cap was his new world record of Marathon Typing for 108 hours on a personal computer which was widely acclaimed by print and electronic media. Inspiringly he got qualified in national Pistol shooting championship in 2011.

Major Achievements

His major accomplishment was his venturing into Realty Management Later he married his lady love Indira a District Court Judge’s daughter with family members consent in March 2008. Blessed with son Vishnu Vardhan.

Brooding over the path he traversed Naga Prasad decided that it was self-motivation that had ushered him to achieve and helped him succeed in life. His own life experience propelled him to become a professional motivator and incorporate Yuvaraj Motivators Private Ltd.

Naga Prasad had made an impressive mark as motivational speaker and has addressed university and technical students pan India, interacted with journalists and media personalities, brainstormed political workers and politicians, motivated cops, security forces, instilled confidence among inmates of 36 central jails, motivated PSU workers, Lawyers, IPS trainees, Faculty members, Orphans, SC/ST students and many sports federations. He has interacted and motivated more than 13 Lakh people from all walks of life in 5 languages i.e English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada & Tamil.

Triumphs and Tribulations

Rolling stone gathers no mass so did Naga Prasad who in spite of great achievements became even more humble and honourable. Triumphs Tribulations went hand in hand throughout his life. Problems and Praises were part and parcel too. Even recently he had to battle life-threatening colon cancer and thank God he is now out of danger proving again his struggling attribute.

Today Naga Prasad is continuing on his journey as a motivator par excellence with zeal and commitment. This he was able to do and achieve because of the balance he inculcated out of the bitter experience and the better opportunities his life gave. He took his success and failures in his stride and with a positive approach

“Face Troubles and Triumphs with the same intent. Do good always and by all means” is the value Naga Prasad cherishes the most in his life. Even today Naga Prasad is a towering and a living example for many to look up to for inspiration and motivation.


He has always been aiming high and shooting the targets that nobody else dared to achieve. Perhaps, this is what inspired his interest in shooting sports.

Nag is very enthusiastic and interested in shooting sports and has always had an aim of pursuing shooting sports and carving a niche for himself. Hence, he shifted to Hyderabad with a dream of representing India in shooting sports and witnessing the flag soar high.

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